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  • Capital's Gain - Contrary to the conventional view among economists, the shares of national income going to capital and labor have shifted. Capital's gain has been labor's loss.
    Publisher: The American Prospect Online Author: Lawrence Mishel

  • How shocking? - High oil prices, if sustained, will reduce growth and lift inflation. But forecasts of the exact size of the impact should be treated with care.
    Publisher: The Economist Author: The Economist

  • How to Rewrite Economic History - Has the government really been overstating the rise in the cost of living, as a recent report claims?
    Publisher: The Atlantic Monthly Author: Thomas I. Palley

  • Part-time and Temporary Work - Flexibility for Whom? - When 185,000 Teamsters at United Parcel Service walked out on strike last August, their top demand was reversing UPS's shift toward a part-time and contracted-out workforce.
    Publisher: Dollars & Sense Author: Francoise Carre and Chris Tilly

  • Rising Tides, Sinking Wages - The economy has grown, productivity is up, profits are soaring. There's just one problem: America's standard of living.
    Publisher: The American Prospect Online Author: Lawrence Mishel

  • The Economics of Despair - Young adults today earn half of what they would have made 20 years ago. Herewith an explanation, and a prescription, by three labor economists.
    Publisher: The American Prospect Online Author: Andrew M. Sum, Neil Fogg, and Robert Taggart

  • The Inflated Case Against the CPI - A consensus seemingly has emerged that the consumer price index exaggerates inflation. But before we change the numbers, we had better look closely at the arguments. They don't hold up.
    Publisher: The American Prospect Online Author: Dean Baker

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